Fifteen. Malaysia

You gave me hope

and you showed it

But then

because of one thing

you changed your mind

I knew it from the start

that this would happen

But I did not care

I regret

everything I did with you

Now is the time

for me to focus on something else

Now is the time

for me to run away

Now is the time

for me to let go

Now is the time

for me to move on


now i know how it feels to be left, to be left without saying goodbye. it really hurts. like you can really fell the emptiness in you. on the first week, you cry everytime you’re alone. then, you start to think, whether he is still thinking about you, whether he miss you like you miss him, whether he is sad like you are.

but, is it worth it?

let go of the past. starting a new life. 

how long will i miss you?

24. January 2014


Going to give you up


Going to let you down


Going to run around and desert you


Going to make you cry


Going to say goodbye and hurt you

i wish someone will change the education system. :(

going to a new school is like starting over again

"I’ve never felt so lonely before."